'Piliko' group was created in the summer of 2008 by professionals who specialize in the field of construction and who share a common interest in building with natural materials and sustainable architecture.
'Piliko' is a non-profit organization with the aim to revive old construction techniques, find new methods of building with natural and recycled materials and convey this knowledge.
- Construction workshops in collaboration with experts
- Information and education through events and speeches
- Recording and archiving of traditional Greek architecture with clay
- Visits and trips to areas with related interest in Greece and abroad
- Creation of an international network for information exchange
- Workshops with children
- Photograph exhibitions
In the scope of this aim the group organizes the following activities:
- Use of soil as a construction material requires little or no energy to manufacture and transport
- Possibility of complete recycling and biodegradation of clay and of the materials
mixed with it
- Creates a healthy environment for the users: clay emits no harmful substances for the body as several industrial materials, while it has the ability to balance the moisture of the building environment
- Harmonious integration of the building with the natural landscape
The advantages of building with clay:
Building with natural materials is an ecological process in all phases of its evolution for the manufacturer, the user and the environment. Natural materials do not affect negatively human health and the fact that they can be completely recycled or completely biodegraded makes them friendly to the environment.
Working with natural materials is for people of all ages a living experience of particular interest in which collaborative spirit and imagination are enhanced.
3rd two-day Conference
& Architectural Exhibition

Contemporary Architecture
& Natural Materials

May 19-25, 2018
Centre for Mediterranean Architecture

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