2011 May Seminar _ Construction of mud-bricks _ Drapanos municipality of Apokoronas
6-7 May 2011 : Workshop " Building with clay "

Architecture with clay in Greece has not yet attracted the serious interest of architectural schools of the country, even if it appears in a large scale in the building tradition. For this reason and in order to inform and sensitize the student community, Maria Mandalaki, professor at the University of Crete of " bioclimatic design " , first organized a lecture and a practical workshop on this issue in the  Department of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete.

The lecture, which was hosted on the 6th of May in the school of architecture of Crete, it was an introduction to the basic concepts of building with clay, the characteristics of the material, the history and presented examples of traditional and modern architecture from Greece and abroad.

The practical workshop was held the next day in Drapanos where students participated for the production of adobe bricks doing following works: preparing soil, mixing materials in different proportions to find the most suitable mixture, creating adobes in wooden molds.

Coordination : Maria Mandalaki - TUC and Piliko
Lecture speaker : Zeta Chrysafaki
Coordination practical Workshop : Antonia Diamantaki- Zeta Chrysafaki