18 people attended the seminar from various regions of Greece. Supervisor of the work was the German professor from the University of Kassel Gernot Minke ( with 30 years of experience in research and construction with natural materials (mainly clay) all over the world. We constructed a small building of 16m2 with a wooden loadbearing frame, in the walls of which we used 4 different techniques:
1. Rammed earth: a technique where a wooden mold is used in which a mixture of clay, sand and gravel is thrown and pressed with mallets in layers
2. Adobe: we made bricks from clay, sand and straw, formed in metal molds, dried in the sun and then we built a wall by using clay mortar in between
3. Light-clay: we used a wooden mold in which we threw a mixture of liquid clay mixed with a great portion of straw
4. Wattle & daube: a technique which is similar to the Greek "tsatmas" in which a wall of woven reeds is made and straw, dipped in liquid clay, is knitted around them.
Different types of plaster were tested and a green roof was placed over the construction.

Static analysis of the loadbearing structure: D.Manioudakis-civil engineer
Organization: Piliko team
Coordination: Zeta Chrysafakis
2009 _  1st building seminar _ Kalyves, municipality of Apokoronas